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Our Country View

This is the view from our house as we live from day to day.  Now that it is fall, we know the winter will bring extra work as we keep everything warm.  We look forward to spring and the newness of all that will come in the spring-baby animals, that is for us, goats and puppies.  Our grandchildren are excelling in school and looking forward to another season of 4-H.  2009saw many accomplishments for them.  Bailey  won Reserve Champion Herford at the Ohio State Fair and the the county fair:  reserve champion barrow, showmanship in hogs, and Premier Exhibitor of Hogs.   Sarah was the Outstanding Goat  Exhibitor and had an Outstanding of the Day at the Ohio State Fair in Creative Arts.  Levi was Junior Swine Showman and went to the State Fair in Welding..  Lydia excelled in her sewing projects and won the Grand Finale Sewing Review.  Forrest won a first in goat showmanship and was the Premier Dairy Exhibitor.   Caleb had a great showing with his hogs and was the Junior Goat Showman. All six of these cousins excelled in the animal Skill-a-Thons.  The grandchildren and the 4-H projects are products of our country way of living.

2010 Fair Levi raised the Grand Champion Market Barrow in both the open class and 4-H and was the Junior Showman in Swine.  He was the Premier Exhibitor in Swine, Forrest was the Premier Exhibitor in Dairy, Caleb was the Junior Showman in Goats and showed the Best Dairy Doe of Show, all of the grandchildren placed in the various skill-a-thons and Sept. 2, 2010 was proclaimed the Dianne and Gary Black Day at the fair.  We are very honored.

Adding 2011, gives us Caleb as Premier Exhibitor in Goats, Forrest the Dairy Goat Showman, Bailey the Intermediate Swine Showman, Sarah initiated into the National Honor Society, Lydia taking her clothing project to the Ohio State Fair, Levi as the center for his football team stealing the ball and running 42 yards for a touchdown, Joshua-Reserve Champion Dairy Wether,  Haley and Zoe excelling on their swim teams and so much more. 2011 pics coming soon!

2012 Forrest graduated high school and is in collage now. We saw Bailey playing a lot of select baseball and was the Premier Exhibitor at our fair in sheep.  Caleb also the Premier Exhibitor in goats plays baseball too. (We went to over 100 games this year.)  The fair (even though we think that Gary had the swine flu) was special as two of the kids were in the Showman of Showmen Contest-Sarah as the showmanship winner of meat goats and Caleb as the winner of the dairy goat division.  Lydia held the intermediate showman trophy in meat goats and Bailey the intermediate showman trophy in hogs.  Caleb showed the Best of Show in both the dairy show and the meat show with Bluegrass and Dream, Forrest was named the scholarship winner for goats and for the Montgomery County Farm Bureau,  Levi did incredibly well with both goats and hogs and is now giving us the pleasure of watching him play football.  Sarah plays tennis and is 10 and 3 to date.  Lydia plays volleyball and Caleb soccer.  Joshua and Nathan showed their goats giving Nathan a first in showmanship.  The kids showed all the first place meat goats at the fair and all the first place dairy goats.  The younger girls are holding their own with Haley and Zoe winning their swimming meets, Zoe her regional dive meet, and Amelia and Maggie showing in PeeWee Showmanship.  Yep, we think our grandkids are special.

2013 The best fair ever happened for us this year.  We had three grandchildren in the Montgomery County Fair Showman of Showmen Contest.  I am sure this is a record.  To date, our daughter, Christy won the contest, 6 grandchildren have won their way into it and this year Bailey won.  Levi represented meat goats, Lydia represented dairy goats and Bailey won the swine showman trophy to enter the ring.  Only 6 kids make it into this ring and 3 were our grandchildren.  Other than those three, Sarah won the meat senior showman plaque, Nathan the junior dairy showman trophy,  numerous placings with animals and domination in the skillathon contest with placings in all species for all of our kids. It felt good to see them achieve after all the hard work on the animals.  Other showing at the fair, Forrest was presented a scholarship by the Mont. Co. Farm Bureau,  Lydia won the Premier Exhibitor in goats and Bailey won the Premier Exhibitor in swine.  Sarah is a senior this year and attending college, playing tennis and very excited about her senior year.  Lydia is on target to be first in her class and so is Caleb who excels in Math.  Haley and Zoe are loving life in Portland going to the ocean or the mountains nearly every weekend.  Bailey, Caleb and Nathan are playing select baseball with Bailey also playing for Moeller High School.  The youngest, Joshua, Nathan, Amelia and Maggie are loving life and making their own splash where they are.  Pictures are mostly from the 2013 fair and the Showman of Showmen Contest. 

Fair 2013  Bailey wins the Showman of Showmen Contest

2014, the hardest year of our lives!  But let's talk about the good parts first.  Sarah has graduated high school and is on to Ohio University.  She graduated with an Honors Diploma, Academic Excellence Award, Cum Laude Award, National Honor Society, Secretary all four years of her class, Tennis letters and was the fair Dairy Goat Showman.  Bailey excelled again in baseball playing in the Final Four as the Moeller High School varsity starting catcher in his junior year, was the Junior Fair Board President and showed at the state fair and county fair winning with Levi's hog and goat and contributing to our Live Like Levi fund by selling those same champion animals for the scholarship fund.  Lydia became part of the Ohio Youth Capitol Challenge with Levi and after his death went on to achieve the State Fair win.  With her team, she will present her Challenge to the Ohio State Legislature.  Lydia also is in track and had a personal best by high-jumping 8  feet.  Caleb is still excelling in math and baseball plus raising goats for showing at the fair.  Joshua has begun to run Cross Country and is in the band.  Nathan is the animal caretaker and wanting beef so very badly.  Haley, Amelia, Zoe and Maggie are doing well in school with Amelia and Zoe beginning 4-H and Haley and Zoe visiting us when they can from Oregon. 

Losing Levi to an ATV accident was the hardest part of our lives.  One does not expect to lose a grandchild.  It is natural for the grandparents to die first.  Our lives have been badly shaken by his lost.  He will be always loved and remembered by every member of our family.  Established by his parents, brother, Bailey and various member of the county fair is the "Live Like Levi' award given each year to the youth who displays attributes like Levi.  Levi was loved by so many-more than 1500 people came to his viewing.  As a family, we will always be grateful for is life, his attitude toward life, his smile, his way he made everyone feel special and his love of animals and football.  Rest in peace our beautiful boy, Levi!

Levi, We had a very special, wonderful, beautiful boy among us. He was our Levi, our loving, caring, thankful boy. I told him over and over again that I loved him and that he was my favorite but then I tell all of our grandchildren that they are my favorites. He was so very goal oriented, knowing what he wanted and took steps to do what he needed to do to get it. Just for this summer, president of KNL, Serg. of Arms of FFa, he would have gone to Leadership Camp, be a counselor at 4-H Camp, was on a team of the Ohio Capitol Challenge, would have become the next showman of showmen, got straight A's to become valedictorian, buffing up at football so to be on varsity, Ohio 4-H Ambassador, taking care of his dogs and goats and hogs, loving his brother and parents and all of us and we knew it. He was our Levi. He would have gone to Veterinarian School and become a Vet out west someplace. We always knew he would go west someday but he always promised me that he would come home to us.
Words can not sum up a beautiful life as Levi's but knowing him made us all better people. Kids remember him as an example of all the good that you can do for yourselves, set your goals and follow through with them. Make your life happen for the positive, make something great happen and remember our Levi. 
When he climbed that tree in the field trying to reach heaven, our wonderful God reached down and took him on up to be with Him. He is our Levi and he is not gone and will never be forgotten. 
by a Grandmother's tears!

2015  Moving on with life is very difficult without Levi.  But Bailey graduated from Moeller High School in Cincinnati this year and his high school baseball team won the Division One Ohio State Championship.  We are so very proud of him and his ability to work through a very hard year to achieve and win.  He also showed and donated a puppy from Levi's dog, Fancy, to the Moeller Main Event gaining $4000 for tuition reimbursement to Moeller.  Congratulations Bailey!



2016  Two more graduations, two grandsons moving to other states with job offers and baseball teams, and so many other events have kept us so busy, we don't know what retirement is. I should mention that we both turned 70 years old in Sept.  In July we went to Portland OR to celebrate the 50th birthday of our oldest child, Tim.  Forrest graduated from Wright State University and moved to Pittsburg PA for his job.  Sarah is back at Ohio University.  Bailey had a tremendous summer playing baseball for the Piedmont Pride, their All-Star team and going on a mission trip with his team to the Dominion Republic.  He is currently playing of the University of Dayton and in his second year there.  Lydia graduated with honors from Milton Union, was her class president and salutation, now she is at Kent State pursuing a degree in Architecture.

Caleb is running Cross Country, playing Tennis and wrestling in his senior year.  He will be his classes valedictorian and has already received awards and scholarships for his work. Caleb and the younger siblings are very active in 4-H. Caleb represented dairy goats in the Showman of Showmen Contest and was the outstanding exhibitor for goats.  Joshua, Nathan, Amelia and Magnolia showed goats and Nathan and Amelia won showmanship plaques.  Haley is now in 10 th grade in Oregon and   Zoe is in Junior High playing volleyball and basketball.

2017 Let's start with where all these grandchildren are now.  Forrest lives in PA following his business degree and working to gain experience.  Sarah is a senior at Ohio University working toward a degree in Accounting.  Lydia is at Kent State looking for a degree in Architecture. Bailey is at UD playing baseball as the team catcher and recovering from a broken ankle while playing in South Carolina in the summer.  Caleb graduated from Milton first in his class which gave him many scholarships including a full scholarship to Wright State.  Living at home, he expects to graduate with a degree in BioMedical Engineering in which he hopes to take to Ohio State for a degree in Veterinary Medicine.  Caleb had a great year running CC, Wrestling, and playing tennis, as president of the Milton National Honor Society and PetPourri 4-H Club.  He achieved the top honors at the Montgomery County Fair with winning Showman of Showmen, Outstanding Goat Exhibitor and the honor of the top member at the fair winning the Live Like Levi Award.

The younger Kids-Haley is a junior in Portland, Joshua has completed his freshman year, Nathan after being home schooled for a couple of years is back at Milton as a freshman, Amelia is in eight grade, Zoe in growing talller and taller, and Maggie is making a scholastic name for herself in sixth grade.  4-H has been wonderful for the Ohio grandchildren.

We celebrated Jerry's fiftieth Birthday with Tim and Amy and girls coming for the weekend. 






Our grandkids

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